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heres my day:

1st Period- gym. but instead me and kari had picture retakes. and yeah. i think they came out good. well i hope. and then when that was over, we went back into the weight room thing and we did sit ups. i did 48. which that sux cuz lucky skank Bre got 57. but like she goes to boot camp and junk. which is totally ridiculous. ( haha brittany and stephanie remember "ridiculous"?)

2nd Period- Math. haha today i felt so stupid cuz ms. siple told me to open the blinds and like i didnt know how to and chas is like omfg. she is so dumb. haha. i was like well i dont open blinds like everyday. and then when this kid opened them ryans like "i feel like i just woke up" cuz hes dumb too. i like laughed at what he said for like 5 mins straight. i thought it was really funny. lol.

3rd Period- Computers. We had a stupid sub. Me Jesse and Adriana didnt do what we were suppost to though. we just like played around with the pictures of Ryan. haha. thats a funny picture of him. When i get the cd to upload the pix and stuff i will show you. but this class is boring.

4th period- Science. Me Jesse and Roxie worked on this stupid lab.

Lunch- We had a friggin fire drill right before lunch and me and roxie were furious! lol. and omfg these to girls that i was sitting next to like were having a food fight and then this one girl like laughed so hard all the chocolate milk in her mouth went everywhere. it was so friggin nasty.

6th Period- Me and Kyles birthday is on the same day! lol. But im older cuz i was born at like 7 or 6:30 or something like that. haha. american history is gay.

7th Period-Me and Jesse worked on our projects. "I want an albino brother!!!!" haha Jesse. You crack me up.

Bus- um me and amanda sat in the last seat today next to josh and dunkin. and do you guys remember those I SPY books that we did in like 4th grade ? well josh had one of those and we looked at that. lol.

and then i came home and here i am.

and im really depressed and sad. for some reason. but i just rather not say why.

well everybody have a lovely day.


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