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Friday-homecoming football game. i saw everybody and i hade a great time. i love everybody so much. i miss you guys :( Later that night we all went to Brittanys house. and omg. we had a blast. lol.

Saturday-We all like woke up at like 12 and then we like played video games and stuff. and then alex left so she get a shower and stuff. and then me brittany and steph went over to stephs house. but then brittany needed money so me and brittany went with her mom to albertsons and got pickles and stuff. haha. THE MEXICAN. haha. anyways, we went back to stephs house and then got ready for the movies. and then alex came and picked us up at like 7 or something. and then we went to daytona. ocean walk. *memories with me and shane and stephanie* anyways. we like walked around for a while and then we went to the movie and saw the forgotton. and we like were so loud and yeah. then after the movie we saw colton and garrett and garretts an asshole. amen. and then we like walked around. haha. and alexs new name is BECKY cuz these black guys called her that cuz shes got a ghetto bootay. and me and brittany called them niggas and we thought we were going to get shot. hahaha. we're so bad. and then we got pictures and these like10 year old wigger kids like friggin asked us out. it was so funny. we told them our names were like ciara lucy mary and clara. haha. we're such retards. but we had alot of fun. and then frank came to pick us up. went back to stephs house. and we watched the sex lady on OXYGEN channel. cuz we're perverts.brittany peed on her self and then alex and steph went to sleep and me and brittany stayed up for like 3 hours like talking. lol.

Sunday- woke up. ate breakfeast. went to walmart with ms kim and brittany. and then came back. brittany left. me and steph told her mom that i was moving in. and she said i could and she was serious. haha. but my mommy said i couldnt. and yeah. :(

guys i had a great weekend. i love you so much and i just have realized that i need u guys more then anything. I LOVE YOU. best friends forever.

and that was my weekend.

comment kthnxbye.

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