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well i came home from school early today cuz i didnt feel good and plus i didnt feel like running the mile. so my daddy came and picked me up. and umm i got bored so i took some pictures. and i look like a dork in all of them so please dont laugh at me. thank you. =D


My favoritest belt in the world so i just had to take a picture of it! =D hehe. and look at my fat belly. haha. i look pregnant! :-P


i look lost.. cuz i probley am.


hahahahaha. thats a friggin HILLarious picture. i look so gayyy!!!

oh im in the bathroom in these pictures. thats my pretty bathroom! =D

i look very jubilent in this picture. alkdjfe.


Then i have this pic from the jag game that i never put on here.

thats me and shelia. and we had plates in our hand cuz it was like dying hot outside and we were fanning each other. lol.

and i have more but i dont feel like uploading them to photobucket cuz it takes to friggin long. so yeah.

comment and tell me what ya think. ;)

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