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[11-07-04 @ 2:36pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

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my new journal.

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ill do as i dare,let them call me insane.. [11-07-04 @ 10:52am]
[ mood | sick ]

okay.alot of people are concerned with what people think about them. its like every little move they make they are worried about what people think and what they are going to say. and honestly, its bull shit. do whatever the hell you want and have fun doing it. nobody can stop you from doing what YOU wanna do. they cant stop you from living your life. and so what,they say shit about you. you and your close friends know the real you and they know that half the shit they say isnt true. live life to the fullest. and do what makes you happy. not what other people want you to do to make THEM happy. be yourself and dont try to be something your not. if you wanna do something, then do it. dont be scared.

Yeah your right hannah, people should be able to do whatever they want without feeling retarded or being made fun of. they should live life how they want to, laugh at the stupid shit that goes on, & Love each other like theres no tomorrow, people shouldn't care what others think, its just there opinion, eeverybody should just enjoy life the way they want to, weather who they are, they shouldn't be judged & everybody should do whatever they want without bein gmade fun of or being "laughed att " or called a stupid name. or just feeling uncomfortable around somebody. you should be who you are. -Wise words of Kayla Hornstein lol. =)

well anyways..

im sick. =( ive been sleeping since like 7 last night. and i woke up @ 10:30 this morning. my daddy says i have a fever too. and my throat hurts and my head hurts and ahh.. im just so sick.

i think im going back home later today.

and i love the song the chance by julie roberts.

"ill do as i dare, let them call me insane.."


Question: if you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

My Answer: I would probley go to a big theme park and make all my friends go and we would hang out allllll day. and then stay in a hotel that night and have a big party.

5 comments=another update. ;)

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Hannah=Fun&Outgoing [11-06-04 @ 11:28am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

aubreys sleepover was madd fun. it was me,jesse, amanda, aubrey (duh), kari,sarah,tatelyn,adriana,mel,lindsay and yeah.. i think thats it. remember pinky commitee power to the pinkys! and thumb commitee YOUR GOING DOWN. hehe. <3 all of u guys.

tonight im going to this bon fire with my daddy. im excited. it should be alot of fun.

then tomorrow going to the church. hopefully can meet up with amanda.

where is zach? he didnt call me yesterday. nsync lover better call me today. =D

Attention:  i am not a pee girl. thank you.

haha. kayla i love you so much. plz dont embarrass me. pretty please???

shizzle danielle. i missed you this weekend. dont have to much fun w/o me. =D ilu.

and yeah.. thats all i have to say. once i get lets say.. 5 comments? ill update again. its up to you guys.


question and answer time.

Question: Who is one person that you always have fun with no matter what?

My Answer: I have fun with everybody but me and kayla are just out there crazyness. me+kayla=fun. lol.

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[11-03-04 @ 6:20pm]
[ mood | excited ]

okay. so ive decided to come back. only becuz i have an idear for my journal. and its basically the same thing as everybody elses journal where you ask questions. but im going to also do something a little different. every other update YOUR going to ask ME the questions. but some will be questions me asking you. yup yup. this should be much more exciting then reading my boring life.=)

um. zach asked me out today. and i said yes. so now we're going out.yay for Hannah.

Bush is our president. I just knew he was going to win. im so smart!

me+danielle+garrett+mymom+(maybe kayla)=rascal flatts concert thursday dec. 2nd. its going to be off da heezy fo sheezy. i just hope kayla can go with us. =D

going to my dads tomorrow night cuz im staying the weekend. my parents are going out of town to orlando and i have aubreys sleepover on friday. so yeah. going to that. should be fun!

OMGSH. danielle won president. i am so proud of you danielle. i knew you were going to win. and your the one that deserves it the most. iloveyou! =) congrats!

okay. question time.

what is in your cd player right now ?

my answer:Green Day!

okay now comment! =D

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[11-02-04 @ 5:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

vote George W. Bush.

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[10-27-04 @ 4:52pm]
[ mood | bored ]

okay. so nobody comments in my journal. maybe like 5 people. so im just not going to write in it anymore. i might put pix in here sometimes when i have some or if i need to announce something. so yeah. you can keep me added or take me off your friends list. whatever you wanna do. thank you to those who do comment. <3 u guys!

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[10-26-04 @ 4:44pm]
[ mood | blah ]

hey y'all.

dont have much to update about.

going to dinner tuhnight w/ my Daddy.

going trick-or-treating with jesse & everybody for halloween. so excited. lol.

got 2 A's,1 B, and 3 C's on my report card. =/ ishk.

going to Aubreys sleepover not this weekend,but next weekend. i think.. if not im going to IOA and Universal with the family. Not quite sure what im going to do.

and i think thats it.


call me.



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ive got something bigger that you can suck on baby! [10-24-04 @ 2:09am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

omgsh. halloween horror nights were friggin awesome. i had TONS of fun with mary danielle jake and mikey. i love you guys. :-*

krystal,jacki,brittany & everybody else that couldnt go, we missed you.
but we'll just have to do it again next year. =)

alrighty. well im going home tomorrow. i dont really want to. but i gots to.

i had alot of fun this weekend. danielle, i love you so much. no matter how far away we are, best friends forever. and thats fo sho! :P

i hope tomorrow i can see the 2 people that i havent seen in so long. =/

either way, it was a great weekend.

and yeah. thats basically it.

comment. purdy plz ? hehe.

<3 u guys.

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[10-21-04 @ 4:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

okay i feel like being pretty today. =)

well yesterday was my birthday and i had an AWESOME birthday. Jesse and Steffanie got me ballons and baked me cookies and bought me candy and stuff. They also put signs all around the school that said Happy Birthday Hannah! =) it made me very happy. hehe.

Today nothing really great happened. It was an okay day. but tonight my grandparents are coming for dinner for my birthday. and yeah.Thats great. 

Tomorrow I go to Danielles! WOO HOO! I am so excited. =) I cant wait to see Danielle and everybody. I miss you guys. hehe. and then Saturday going to Halloween Horror Nights! I am SO excited for that. I will have to update and tell you guys about how much fun it was. =) but yeah anyways.. I love you reject! =D lol.

and umm.. i think thats it.



-Hillbilly :P

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[10-20-04 @ 8:26am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

todays my birthday. =)

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[10-18-04 @ 6:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

my weekend was friggin awesome. everything was perfect. i wouldnt change one thing about this weekend. i had so much fun with my bestestestestestestest friends in the world. and i have pix to show everybody how much fun we had. :)


i <3 my best friends so muchCollapse )

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[10-17-04 @ 11:25am]
hey guys. had a good weekend.
ill update later with pix.
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[10-16-04 @ 9:54am]
[ mood | happy ]

hi. im updating cuz kayla told me so.

um. yesterday kayla came over and we hung out. and i got my cellular!!1!11!!!!! yayayaya.

if ya want the number just comment and i will give it to you. k ? okay.

today stephanie and alex are coming to my house and we are going to the movies and then tomorrow we're going shopping. yeah. im excited! lol. okay.

well thats all i have to say for now.

comment and i'll love you forever. :-*

<3* - Hannah

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[10-14-04 @ 12:37pm]
[ mood | sick ]

well i came home from school early today cuz i didnt feel good and plus i didnt feel like running the mile. so my daddy came and picked me up. and umm i got bored so i took some pictures. and i look like a dork in all of them so please dont laugh at me. thank you. =D


PICTURESCollapse )

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[10-13-04 @ 7:18pm]
[ mood | horny :P ]

anonymously comment and tell me one thing about yourself that i know and that you've told me before, and i will try and guess who you are.

but you have to comment back to me and tell me if im right or not. ;)

lets see how many of you ACTUALLY comment!!!! =( prolly like ZERO!

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[10-12-04 @ 7:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hey kids.

not much to update about.

except my birthday is in 1 week and 1 day.

and hhn is in 1 week 4 days.

YEE HAW. =)i am so excited i cant even explain!!!!!!!

um alexsteph&brittany=i need to talk to you guys. i will telephone y'all later.

good luck btms-you guys will when tuhmorrow. no doubt. ;)

and now my birthday list

*money *money *money *money *money *money *money *money *money *money

k. u get the point. thats all i really want. but u dont have to get anything for me all you have to say is happy birthday to me and dont forget my birthday and i will be very happy. =D hehe.

umm. i think thats all i have to say now. okay well have a great day loves. :-D bye bye.


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[10-10-04 @ 2:06pm]
[ mood | happy ]

my friggin awesomest greatest weekend everCollapse )

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[10-07-04 @ 7:28pm]
[ mood | sad ]

okay. im spilling out my feelings. ive been that happy and fun hannah for the past couple of weeks and its been building up cuz i kept it all in and yeah here we go.

i have no friends. it seems nobody ever wants to call me, IM me or even hang out with me. i know this sounds stupid but when nobody ever calls you because obviously they dont want to talk to you, it hurts. nobody ever IMs me when im online. Maybe like 3 people. am i that boring guys ? if i am, just tell me. kthnx.

i may be weird but you dont have to sit there and talk SHIT behind my back. if you fucking have to say something SAY IT TO MY FUCKING FACE MOTHER FUCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

my mom doesnt care about me anymore. she NEVER has time for me anymore. i dont even think she LOVES me anymore. my fucking brother is a fucking little shit and hes a brat and our whole world revolves around COLLAN!!!! and i fucking hate it. we cant even go to walmart cuz hell fucking through a fit if he doesnt get his way.

if you say ur going to call me back, then please call me back. it might be a stupid little thing, but little things matter to me. if you dont want to talk to me, just say hey i have to go. dont say he ill call you back later. k?

best friends.. i have many. but only a few of them meet every aspect of a best friend. maybe like 1 or 2 and im not saying any names. just to let everyone know that. it gives you something to think about.

im really not a bitch guys. i really am i happy person. im rarely ever sad. ive been a happy camper lately and ive tried to hold everything in. but today i just went over the edge.

and i just got a fone call from my mother. if my dad cant take me to palm coast tomorrow, she will. god im a fucking brat too. jeeeeze. i hate that.


but anyways.

If you would like to comment, feel free to do so. =)

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[10-06-04 @ 4:49pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

heres my day:

1st Period- gym. but instead me and kari had picture retakes. and yeah. i think they came out good. well i hope. and then when that was over, we went back into the weight room thing and we did sit ups. i did 48. which that sux cuz lucky skank Bre got 57. but like she goes to boot camp and junk. which is totally ridiculous. ( haha brittany and stephanie remember "ridiculous"?)

2nd Period- Math. haha today i felt so stupid cuz ms. siple told me to open the blinds and like i didnt know how to and chas is like omfg. she is so dumb. haha. i was like well i dont open blinds like everyday. and then when this kid opened them ryans like "i feel like i just woke up" cuz hes dumb too. i like laughed at what he said for like 5 mins straight. i thought it was really funny. lol.

3rd Period- Computers. We had a stupid sub. Me Jesse and Adriana didnt do what we were suppost to though. we just like played around with the pictures of Ryan. haha. thats a funny picture of him. When i get the cd to upload the pix and stuff i will show you. but this class is boring.

4th period- Science. Me Jesse and Roxie worked on this stupid lab.

Lunch- We had a friggin fire drill right before lunch and me and roxie were furious! lol. and omfg these to girls that i was sitting next to like were having a food fight and then this one girl like laughed so hard all the chocolate milk in her mouth went everywhere. it was so friggin nasty.

6th Period- Me and Kyles birthday is on the same day! lol. But im older cuz i was born at like 7 or 6:30 or something like that. haha. american history is gay.

7th Period-Me and Jesse worked on our projects. "I want an albino brother!!!!" haha Jesse. You crack me up.

Bus- um me and amanda sat in the last seat today next to josh and dunkin. and do you guys remember those I SPY books that we did in like 4th grade ? well josh had one of those and we looked at that. lol.

and then i came home and here i am.

and im really depressed and sad. for some reason. but i just rather not say why.

well everybody have a lovely day.


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[10-05-04 @ 6:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

okay i decided just to keep this journal cuz its to much of a hassle to do all that other shizzle with the other one. so yeah. you can keep it added just incase i use it later on.

now heres some PIXCollapse )

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