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okay i feel like being pretty today. =)

well yesterday was my birthday and i had an AWESOME birthday. Jesse and Steffanie got me ballons and baked me cookies and bought me candy and stuff. They also put signs all around the school that said Happy Birthday Hannah! =) it made me very happy. hehe.

Today nothing really great happened. It was an okay day. but tonight my grandparents are coming for dinner for my birthday. and yeah.Thats great. 

Tomorrow I go to Danielles! WOO HOO! I am so excited. =) I cant wait to see Danielle and everybody. I miss you guys. hehe. and then Saturday going to Halloween Horror Nights! I am SO excited for that. I will have to update and tell you guys about how much fun it was. =) but yeah anyways.. I love you reject! =D lol.

and umm.. i think thats it.



-Hillbilly :P

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