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okay. so ive decided to come back. only becuz i have an idear for my journal. and its basically the same thing as everybody elses journal where you ask questions. but im going to also do something a little different. every other update YOUR going to ask ME the questions. but some will be questions me asking you. yup yup. this should be much more exciting then reading my boring life.=)

um. zach asked me out today. and i said yes. so now we're going out.yay for Hannah.

Bush is our president. I just knew he was going to win. im so smart!

me+danielle+garrett+mymom+(maybe kayla)=rascal flatts concert thursday dec. 2nd. its going to be off da heezy fo sheezy. i just hope kayla can go with us. =D

going to my dads tomorrow night cuz im staying the weekend. my parents are going out of town to orlando and i have aubreys sleepover on friday. so yeah. going to that. should be fun!

OMGSH. danielle won president. i am so proud of you danielle. i knew you were going to win. and your the one that deserves it the most. iloveyou! =) congrats!

okay. question time.

what is in your cd player right now ?

my answer:Green Day!

okay now comment! =D

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