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aubreys sleepover was madd fun. it was me,jesse, amanda, aubrey (duh), kari,sarah,tatelyn,adriana,mel,lindsay and yeah.. i think thats it. remember pinky commitee power to the pinkys! and thumb commitee YOUR GOING DOWN. hehe. <3 all of u guys.

tonight im going to this bon fire with my daddy. im excited. it should be alot of fun.

then tomorrow going to the church. hopefully can meet up with amanda.

where is zach? he didnt call me yesterday. nsync lover better call me today. =D

Attention:  i am not a pee girl. thank you.

haha. kayla i love you so much. plz dont embarrass me. pretty please???

shizzle danielle. i missed you this weekend. dont have to much fun w/o me. =D ilu.

and yeah.. thats all i have to say. once i get lets say.. 5 comments? ill update again. its up to you guys.


question and answer time.

Question: Who is one person that you always have fun with no matter what?

My Answer: I have fun with everybody but me and kayla are just out there crazyness. me+kayla=fun. lol.

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