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ill do as i dare,let them call me insane..

okay.alot of people are concerned with what people think about them. its like every little move they make they are worried about what people think and what they are going to say. and honestly, its bull shit. do whatever the hell you want and have fun doing it. nobody can stop you from doing what YOU wanna do. they cant stop you from living your life. and so what,they say shit about you. you and your close friends know the real you and they know that half the shit they say isnt true. live life to the fullest. and do what makes you happy. not what other people want you to do to make THEM happy. be yourself and dont try to be something your not. if you wanna do something, then do it. dont be scared.

Yeah your right hannah, people should be able to do whatever they want without feeling retarded or being made fun of. they should live life how they want to, laugh at the stupid shit that goes on, & Love each other like theres no tomorrow, people shouldn't care what others think, its just there opinion, eeverybody should just enjoy life the way they want to, weather who they are, they shouldn't be judged & everybody should do whatever they want without bein gmade fun of or being "laughed att " or called a stupid name. or just feeling uncomfortable around somebody. you should be who you are. -Wise words of Kayla Hornstein lol. =)

well anyways..

im sick. =( ive been sleeping since like 7 last night. and i woke up @ 10:30 this morning. my daddy says i have a fever too. and my throat hurts and my head hurts and ahh.. im just so sick.

i think im going back home later today.

and i love the song the chance by julie roberts.

"ill do as i dare, let them call me insane.."


Question: if you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

My Answer: I would probley go to a big theme park and make all my friends go and we would hang out allllll day. and then stay in a hotel that night and have a big party.

5 comments=another update. ;)

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